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Dolomite Crossing from the Passo Rolle to Sesto

18.01.-21.01.2018 & 12.-17.02.2018 & 19.-24.02.2018 & 12.-17.03.2018

Pordoi Hochfläche, auf dem Weg zum Val Mezdì

Skiing is the chief focus of this Dolomites crossing. Help from the chairlifts saves time usually spent hiking (800 m), and allows one to immediately enjoy the downhill runs! Experience this 5 day crossing of the Dolomites from the Pala group to the Dolomites of Sesto.


Appointment18.01.-21.01.2018 & 12.-17.02.2018 & 19.-24.02.2018 & 12.-17.03.2018
#Dauer#5 tour days
RequirementsExperience skiing off-slope. Physical fitness level to hike up to 800 m.
Price€ 850,00 (without lunch and ski lift pass)
Min. participants5

Ski-touring Trip Lofoten (Norway) - Snow, Skins and Ocean

11.-18.02.2018 & 08.-15.04.2018 & 15.-22.04.2018


The Lofoten archipelago is located off the coast of Norway within the Arctic Circle. Here the warmth of the gulf-stream current creates large snowfalls and makes for a comparatively mild climate despite the high degree of latitude. The craggy mountains and flanking blue fjords, which jut straight into the ocean, outskirt these unique islands and stand in contrast to the more gentle and open slopes that makes this location a great place for ski-touring!


Appointment11.-18.02.2018 & 08.-15.04.2018 & 15.-22.04.2018
RequirementsGood physical condition for ski-touring between 700 and 1.200 vertical meters per day. Good downhill control techniques.
Price€ 1.980,00 Included: Rental car, lodgings, board, mountain guide; Not included: Flight, restaurant meals, lunch on skitouring days, alcoholic drinks

Ski Crossing of the Ortles Group - 10.04. - 15.04.2016

In Transit to the Glaciers Between Martell and Bormio


The Ortles is considered one of the greatest ski-touring venues of South Tyrol. Especially
remarkable summits include Cevedale and Zufallspitze. However, a crossing of the region
allows one to see the more quiet side of the region and experience more hard-to-reach


Appointment10.04. - 15.04.2016
RequirementsMust be in good physical condition for skitouring up 1.500 vertical meters a day. Must have good downhill techniques.
Price€ 760 Included: Alpine hut lodgings with breakfast and dinner, mountain guide; Not included: Transportation to starting point (travel as a group), lunch
Min. participants3

Collection of summits higher than 4.000 m - Monte Rosa area

21.04. - 24-04.2016

Hochtour Südtirol - Alpinismo Alta Montagna Alto Adige

In the Monte Rosa area, or more accurately in and around the Rifugio Gnifetti, lie several
4.000 m summits that are ideal for hiking up to on skis. You can find good ski terrain nearly all the way to the summit! This leaves all but the last couple of vertical meters to be conquered by pick-ax and crampons.
These summits are separated by very little vertical distance. Thus, depending on desire and
fitness, you have the option to “collect” more than one peak higher than 4.000 m in one day!


AppointmentThursday 21.04.2015 to Sunday 24.04.2015
RequirementsGood physical condition for ski-touring up to 1.400 vertical meters a day. Good skiing abilities and previous experience with and ice-ax and crampons.
Price€ 520 Included: Alpine hut lodgings with breakfast and dinner, mountain guide; Not included: Travel fees to destination (car pool), lunch
Min. participants3

4 Day Ski-tour Around the Drei Zinnen for Beginners

08.02. - 11.02.2018; 22.02.-25.02.2018.; 15.03.-18.03.2018

Lissi Skitour

Discover the Dolomites of Sesto in a whole new way! Ski-touring offers an exciting opportunity to enjoy the untouched wintery mountain world.


Appointment08.02. - 11.02.2018; 22.02.-25.02.2018.; 15.03.-18.03.2018
#Dauer#4 ski touring days
RequirementsGood physical condition; solid turning skills on slopes
Price€ 360,00 per person
Min. participants4

4-day Ski-touring Around the Drei Zinnen for Advanced Skiers

08.-11.02.2018; 22.02.-25.02.2018; 15.03. - 18.03.2018

Winter Dreizinnen

Discover the dreamy winter landscape of the Dolomites on touring skis! Your mountain
guide will plan four unforgettable excursions on the boards (depending on snow conditions
and your ability)!


Appointment08.-11.02.2018; 22.02.-25.02.2018; 15.03. - 18.03.2018
#Dauer#4 touring days
RequirementsIn good physical condition for hiking up to 1.200 vertical meters; must have good ski technique
Price€ 590,00 per person
Min. participants4

4 Day Ski-tour of Wind Gaps and Summits in the Dolomites- Extreme!

22.03. - 25.03.2018, 05.04. - 08.04.2018


For all advanced ski-tourers who would like to test their skills on demanding summits, deep
chutes and couloirs, and adventurous descents, this is a trip for you!


Appointment22.03. - 25.03.2018, 05.04. - 08.04.2018; further dates available upon request
#Dauer#4 touring days
RequirementsMust be in excellent physical condition with the ability to ascend about 1,600 vertical meters; expert level of ski abilities
Price€ 380,00 per person
Min. participants4