Collection of summits above 4,000m

In the Monte Rosa area, or more accurately, around Rifugio Gnifetti, lie several
4,000 m summits that are ideal for hiking up on skis. You can find good ski terrain nearly all the way to the summit! This leaves all but the last few vertical meters to be conquered with the help of a pick-axe and crampons.
These summits are separated by only a few meters altitude differential, and so you can “collect” several peaks of over 4,000 m in one day – depending on your physical fitness!

Skiable summits above 4,000 m around Rifugio Gnifetti
Ludwigshöhe 4,341 m
Balmenhorn 4,167 m
Piramide Vincent 4,215 m
Schwarzhorn 4,321 m
Parrotspitze 4,432 m
Signalkuppe 4,554 m


Day 1: Journey from South Tyrol to Gressoney and climb to Rifugio Mantova at 3,498 m. Accommodation with breakfast and dinner.

Day 2: Climb to Rifugio Gnifetti at 3,647 m. Then ski climb of one or more summits above 4,000 m. Spend the night at the Alpine hut.

Day 3: Climb of one or more summits above 4,000 m. Spend the night on the Gnifetti.

Day 4: Ski-tour and journey home

– local hut accomodation (3 nights) with halfboard
– accompanied and guided by qualified mountain and ski guide (4 days)

Additional costs
– lunch & snacks
– travel expenses to destination
– personal expenses

€ 999 per person
includes: alpine hut accommodation with breakfast and dinner, mountain guide
further dates on request
4 days
min 3
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