Joe Rainer

Mountain Guide & Ski Instructor

Mobile 0039 348 7156 239

Joe, who was born in Sesto, discovered his profound love for the mountains at an early age. During his youth, he devoted much of his free time to scaling numerous Dolomite peaks. At the age of 20, he successfully completed his ski instructor exams.

Shortly thereafter, Joe  joined the volunteer mountain rescue service in Sesto, where he underwent trainung in several specialisations, including flight rescue. Currently serving as the president of the mountain rescue service in Sesto and as a mountain rescue instructor in South Tyrol, Joe’s commitment to safety and rescue operations is both extensive and impactful.

He has always been particularly interested in the histroical aspect of the front line area surrounding Sesto. His intimate knowledge extends to the positions and trenches from World War I, making him a valuable source of information for intrigued visitors. Alongside his responsibilities, Joe is a devoted father to three children, and his family manages the Familyresort Rainer hotel in Moso.