Our Team

The Mountain Guides of the Alpine School Tre Cime


The Mountain Guides of the Alpine School Tre Cime are certified, internationally recognized Guides and members of the mountain rescue service.

When they are not on tour with guets, they climb in the Dolomites and the mountains around the globe. Summer and winter, they are on tour almost every day: on skis, with climbing shoes, with ice axes – just because it’s fun!

The colorfully mixed team members complement each other perfectly – from the entrepreneur to the artist, the philosopher, farmer and geologist. This diversity is a great strength of the Alpine School Tre Cime, because constructive cooperation always leads to new ideas and projects. The multi-facetted range of thoughts and initiatives have a common denominator: the enthusiasm for the mountains.

Passion, professionalism, experience, first-class training and regular training make the guides your ideal companions.

Our Freelance Guides

During peak seasons, alongside our guides, these accredited freelance guides accompany you on extraordinary journeys.

Our Hiking Guides

Our certified hiking guides not only provide additional security in orientation and pathfinding, but also enlighten you to the intricate details along the journey.

Our Office Team

In the office, Steffie and Jakob attend to your needs, providing assistance and guidance whenever necessary.