Current conditions on via ferratas

Here you can find the current conditions on the via ferrata of the Sesto Dolomites and the surrounding area.

Since in the high mountains the conditions can change daily, sometimes even hourly, the information given here is only a general guideline. An assessment of the conditions on site is essential.

Good physical preparation, solid basic alpine experience, absolute surefootedness, via ferrata climbing experience, adequate equipment and stable weather conditions are the basic requirements for an independent tours on the via ferratas of Sexten and surroundings.

Note: Via ferratas are not subject to regular official safety checks. Erosion and thunderstorms can cause anchors and ropes to become loose and easily turn them into dangerous traps. Necessary caution is required!

Should the conditions on the day of your ascent differ from the conditions listed here, we would be pleased to receive your feedback.


RED = absolutely not recommended

  • winter conditions prevail
  • major objective risks (rockfall, snow, ice, avalanches)
  • impossible with classic via ferrata equipment


YELLOW = the via ferrata is passable with limitations

  • possibility of old or fresh snow on access and via ferrata
  • objective hazards must be assessed on site
  • it may be advisable to take crampons, light crampons or ice axe with you


GREEN = the via ferrata is in good condition

  • the access and the via ferrata are completely free of snow
  • low objective risk
  • the route is easily accessible with normal via ferrata equipment





Strada degli Alpini

track between rif. Comici and forcella Undici

101 little snow

Strada degli Alpini

track between forcella Undici and Passo della Sentinella

101 little snow

Croda Sora i Colesei

Monte Paterno

south side (via ferrata De Luca)

attention: we shoveled paths through the snow


(between Pian di Cengia and Forcella dei Camosci)

attention: we shoveled paths through the snow

Monte Paterno

north face (via ferrata Innerkofler)

attention: we shoveled paths through the snow

Croda Rossa di Sesto

Sesto side

attention: we shoveled paths through the snow

via ferrata Zandonella

little snow at the approach

Torre di Toblin

east side

little snow at the approach

Torre di Toblin

north face (ladder track)


some snow

Cengia Gabriella

some snow

Severino Casara

around the Croda dei Toni

snow, some loose ropes

via ferrata Fiames

via ferrata Strobel

Col dei Bos

via ferrata degli Alpini

steep descend

Gola di Fanes

the waterfalls

when it rains there is lots of water

Col Rosa

via ferrata Ettore Bovero

attention: fallen trees on descend
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