Robert Schmiedhofer

Mountain Guide & Cross Country Ski Instructor

Mobile 0039 335 6819 291

Robert’s affinity for mountains knows no bounds! Each mountain, with its distinct character, every summit, with unique features, and each route, with its allure, captures his fascination. He firmly believes that every tour unfolds something new, even if one has traversed it countless times before.

He particularly loves going out on his touring skis in winter, leaving his imprints on the untouched snow. Thanks to his swift legs, he successfully competed in several ski tour races.

Robert grew up on Lienerhof, a farm in Sesto which he now manages, and where he offers accomodations in its appartments.

His mountain exploration began at the age of eight, evolving into Alpine climbing by the age of 13. Since then, summers and winters alike have seen him immersed in the mountains. Initially centered on the peaks of the Sesto Dolomites, his pursuits expanded to encompass numerous climbs, notably in the Western Alps.

In winter, Robert works as a cross country ski instructor for the Ski School Sesto.